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Software Development is our life!  We have decades of experience, and enjoy helping clients achieve great things with software.  In addition to building awesome software solutions, we are able to support clients in other ways by providing guidance and education.  The services listed below are just a sample. 

Contact us today to find out if we can help your business!

Reviewing Reports at Desk


Have a software need but not sure what to do?  Our Assessment service might be the answer.  In just a few weeks, we can perform a detailed assessment of your Architecture or Application and give you expert opinions on how to Modernize, Migrate to the Cloud, or simply help you build a Product Roadmap to help you get to where you are going.

Working Together on Project


Have a software project you need to kick off, but don't have the resources to execute?  We can bring in a team to help with any side project, from a small squad of people to a large program with 100s of people.  We can work in a hybrid model with your existing team, or staff the entire project from the start.  

Successful Manager


Let's face it ... managing software resources is hard.  Let us help you with that!  We can bring in the right management experts to help you manage your teams.  From Technical Product Managers and Engineering Managers, to Project Managers and Scrum Masters, these leaders can have a huge impact on team productivity and product quality.



Agile practices drive high performance teams and high quality products and services.  Many organizations struggle with realizing the true benefits of Agile.  We can help your team adopt Agile practices in ways that make sense to your business, while helping your employees gain a better understanding of Agile values and principles. 

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